Cold Weather Procedure

We want our students to have the opportunity to play safely outside and come inside better prepared to learn on as many days as possible always keeping safety in mind.

A reasonable outdoor recess practice would have the objective of maximizing outdoor playtime for children while avoiding the potential for frostbite. Increasing exposure to outdoor playtime should also maximize learning potential while minimizing behavioural issues. The objective would not be to avoid the children from feeling cold.

In conjunction with Environment Canada Wind Chill Chart, we will determine if a shortened (20 min.) noon hour recess is needed. This will occur when the temperature with the wind chill is up to -25 degrees celsius.

Please ensure that your child is always dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. 

Recess is supervised by staff. They always wear special orange vests, making it easy to identify them. Staff also have radios in order to stay in communication with the front office. If at any time the staff who are outdoors feels that it is necessary to bring the students inside (weather has gotten colder, wind conditions, etc) they will call into the office and the call will be made.

School Bus Weather Procedure