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Save on Foods Fundraiser

Save on Foods is a proud Western Canadian company with a history of supporting local growers, suppliers and producers.  It is a natural progression that our store would partner with the schools in our community. Through this initiative we hope to create a successful program to achieve fundraising goals for the present and for the future. 

Here's how it works, simply have your student families shop at our location, Save on Foods Red Deer North (67th St). Submit your receipts with your parent names on them to your Teacher and forward them to the store. We will give you back 5% of the receipts submitted from your students families that are from our store location Store #6682.

For example if you have 200 families that shop at our store once per week and spend on average $150 that would earn you $6,000 per month in cash back. Over a full year that would equal $78,000.

The more participation the more money the school will earn towards their fundraising.

On top the percentage that we will give back to the school we have added a fun component for the kids. Every time you come in and shop with us at Save on Foods North (67th St) your child and Teacher's names will be on the receipt that was turned into your Teacher, and the one with the most shops will win a pizza or lunch party for the winning class.  (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and end of school year.)  If you have multiple kids at St. Teresa of Avila School just mention the Teacher's names of all your kids and each one will get an entry.


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